Shakshuka 0

By Raizy Fried of Raizyscookin

Dinner made easy, loaded with flavor, and ready in no time? Yes, please!

Exotic and Healthy: Can They Go Together? 0

Think you can’t go exotic and fun when you’re on a healthy diet? Crafted Kosher gathered over a thousand gourmet kosher products, many of which are the perfect addition to a health-conscious diet. Here are a few exotic choices that will delight your tastebuds and improve your health.

Rosewater Pistachio Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts) 0

By Miri Nadler of
Take a trip to the Mediterranean this Chanukah with these Vanilla Bean custard filled donut topped with Rosewater & chopped pistachios. Decedent!

How To Build A Fish Board 0

By Chanie of Busy in Brooklyn

Food boards are all the rage now. There are cheese boards and charcuterie boards and now we'll showcase a fish board that is a fabulous addition to your next party READ MORE...

Strawberry Jalapeno Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts) 1

By Miri Nadler of

A  twist on an old classic! Spicing up some strawberry with a little jalapeño? Yes please! Top the Strawberry Jalapeño Sufganiyot with a simple vanilla bean glaze, and the result is pure heaven. READ MORE...

Latka Topping Bar 0

Hosting a Chanukah party? Need some new and creative menu ideas? Explore new tastes for toppings with a "Latke Topping Bar"!  READ MORE...