Ethiopian Doro Wat (A Chicken Dish) 0

By Midnight Chef of Instagram

This recipe is my own take on a traditional Ethiopian dish rich with culture. Despite its abject simplicity (chicken and onions! That's it!), it boasts complex flavors and a heady aroma that will lure you in. READ MORE

What is Fish Sauce and How to Use It 0

By Sandy Leibowitz of The Kosher Tomato

Fish sauce has become very popular lately, and now that there is a kosher one available, it is changing the face of kosher cooking, opening up avenues to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine that has not been seen before! READ MORE...

Fruit Tart 0


A+ for beautiful presentation and for great taste too! Try this with fresh fruit in season - perfect for a refreshing summer dessert or in honor of Tu B'shvat, the holiday for the fruits and trees. READ MORE

Maple Bourbon Chicken Wings 0

By Chanie of Busy in Brooklyn

There is nothing like wings to serve at a party or get together. Yes, they are messy. And sticky. But definitely worth it. READ MORE...

Great Kosher Food Ideas for Vacation 0

When you think of a vacation, you’re probably imagining relaxation, fun and an overall good time. However, as a Kosher conscious person, you also know that food can be somewhat of an issue, especially when travelling to remote locales. You may think to just put some tuna and pretzels into your suitcase, and that would basically complete the job, right? Read more...

Shakshuka 0

By Raizy Fried of Raizyscookin

Dinner made easy, loaded with flavor, and ready in no time? Yes, please!