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5 Must Know Travel Food Ideas for Every Kosher Traveler

When you think of a vacation, you’re probably imagining relaxation, fun and an overall good time. However, as a Kosher conscious person, you also know that food can be somewhat of an issue, especially when travelling to remote locales. You may think to just put some tuna and pretzels into your suitcase, and that would basically complete the job, right? It may not be that easy. Eating those foods for days on end can get a bit grueling. In other words, if you want to maximize your vacation experience, and really enjoy yourself, you may want to sit down to some proper food at each meal.

So while many may get overwhelmed just thinking about which foods to pack with them for their vacation, we at Crafted Kosher have researched and come up with some simple tips to make your vacation smoother and more enjoyable. We've thought out of the box, and found some ideas that many people never knew existed! Below we compiled a short list of great food ideas for vacations.

Travel Food Ideas

Remember, food is not just about taste. So when thinking of the best travel food ideas, you have to consider which foods will be long lasting, lightweight and healthy. These factors may depend upon whether you'll have a fridge or freezer at your destination, and how long a potential stopover will be. It may also depend on whether you have a weight limit to how much luggage you can bring along.

1) Non-Perishables

You don’t want your food going bad on you, or having to clean up the mess. Therefore, the best foods are the ones that leave no chance of spoiling. While canned foods such as soups and fish could work well, you also have to take into account how much canned foods can weigh. Thankfully, there are many non-perishable products on the market made in lightweight plastic or cardboard packaging such as instant soups or flavored couscous. One example to consider would be Crafted Kosher's soups, stews and sides. Even a French chocolate pudding dessert. With a crockpot, these sides could be prepared early in the day and come back to a hot steamy bowl of hearty goodness to warm everyone up. Great side dishes which are healthy and tastes great!

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2) Wraps

Wraps instead of regular bread seem to be the craze these days. No wonder that over the past decade, wraps and tortillas have seen a big surge in popularity. One of the reasons for this phenomenon, is the ease with which you can prepare a meal with a wrap, and the simple ability to eat them. Whatever food you're going to be bringing along with you on your vacation, think about including some wraps or tortillas. Putting just about anything into a wrap or tortilla can make for some great travel food ideas. And remember, they're lightweight, easy to prepare, and they taste great!

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3) Condiments

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that a condiment is more important than the food itself. However, condiments will certainly enhance any meal you’re munching on throughout the day. With most condiments coming in plastic containers in a large array of sizes, you can pick whichever ones work best with the meals you have in mind for you vacation. Think different and consider a condiment that works various types of meals like Aussie Sauce Barbecue Flavor.

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4) Think Jerky

Are  you one of the many people, who when they go on vacation, still want to have the usual meat dishes that you're accustomed to back home? When grilling is a possibility on your vacation, and you can get meat and chicken to your destination in time to avoid spoilage, you may actually be able to get that homey feel. Barring the above conditions, beef jerky may just be the next best thing. Jerky is specifically dried to avoid spoiling. It's lightweight, and with some great tasting kosher brands like Auffschnitt Meat Beef Sticks, you'll get a delicious meaty snack or meal. With Auffschnitt Meat Beef Sticks, you’re getting jerky made from fresh meat, with loads of different flavors from which to choose. In short it’s meaty goodness.

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5) Fruits and Vegetables

Unless you find yourself in certain tropical locales, where the fruit may upset your stomach, you’re basically safe with buying fruits and vegetables in the area in which you're vacationing. All you need to do is, cut up some assorted fruit, and you can serve it as a delicious and healthy breakfast, afternoon snack, or dessert after dinner. Vegetables can complement every meal, or be used as a snack anytime.

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With the above tips, we hope that we'll make your vacation go from a good vacation to a great one. Have a safe trip, and a great vacation!

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