Latka Topping Bar



Latka Topping Bar

Hosting a Chanukah party or want something fun for the family? Need some new and creative menu ideas? Explore new tastes for toppings with a "Latka Topping Bar"!

Here we have 8 different toppings that you and your guests will love!



Shakshuka Latka - top your latka with Shakshuka sauce and a fried egg with a sprinkling of pepper

Chutney Latka - deep fruit flavor, these chutneys take the applesauce up a notch

Lox a la Latka - Cowboy Caviar, a vegetable pate', topped with smoked salmon

Bruschetta Latka - not just for bread or crackers - top olive bruschetta on your latka for a flavor punch


Shakshuka Sauce * Fruity Chutney * Cowboy Caviar *  Smoked Salmon * Olive Bruschetta




Having some meaty options could be fun and a complete meal too. Here are some of our favorite combos, but feel free to mix and match based on your preference.



Salami Mustard Latka - mustard with a splash of vodka or a honey mustard crunch topped with Joburg dried salami

Reuben Latka - Slawsa - sauerkraut with a kick topped with beef jerky - a sure crowd pleaser

Pesto Latka - With an Italian flair, the tomato pesto pairs well with diced beef stick

Salsa Latka - not just any salsa this one is loaded with peaches & cherries


Dried Salami           Mustards              Slawsa        Beef Jerky & Sticks     Pesto


A great addition to any Chanukah party is the dreidel & star of David shaped pasta!


Need some easy Chanukah desserts? Try some of these fun options:



Wishing all our wonderful friends and customers a Happy Chanukah!

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