Top Five Rosh Hashana Gift Ideas



With the Jewish Holidays approaching many are looking for the perfect gift to wish their family and friends a Shana Tova, a sweet new year. Or a special and unique hostess gift. Crafted Kosher has a full selection of gifts that can be delivered for you and will bring a smile to your loved ones from afar. Here we’ve selected our top five Rosh Hashana gift ideas:

1. Honey

But, of course! We eat honey to symbolize our desire for a sweet year. On Rosh Hashana night, we dip our apple in honey and we smother our challa with it. This simple food is anything but simple. For instance, the Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve is a specialty honey with a limited reserve that has a universal appeal with an orchestra of flavors ranging from maple spice to caramel to gingerbread. Have you tried Savannah Bee Artisanal Honey infused with some incredible flavors like Rosemary. Lavender, Orange Blossom, Wildflower, AcaciaTupelo? These gift sets offer a variety of flavors in one beautiful set. Or try some whipped honey with a totally different texture and flavors like lemon, cinnamon, passion fruit or original. These honeycomb or honey straws are sure to be show-stoppers on your Rosh Hashana table. Want to take honey one step further? Definitely try the Truffle Honey - infused with black truffle taking honey to a whole new gourmet level. Want organic raw honey? We have that too. In any form honey is the perfect way to wish a sweet new year.

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 2. A Crafted Kosher Gift Box

For all different palettes and tastes Crafted Kosher has crafted something for everyone. Representing many of the symbolic foods that are eaten on Rosh Hashana try the Apple, Honey & Fish Gift Box. The Gold Plated Gourmet Box has an elegant array of honeys, truffle infused oil and sweets and treats. Or the Sweet New Year Gift Box filled with an assortment of honeys and some of our best selling favorites. Crafted Kosher makes gift giving so much easier.

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3. Fruit Platter

What a lovely finish to any holiday meal. With options is all shapes and sizes the fancy platters offers dried fruit, some with nuts and some with candy. 

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4. Protein Power

For the symbolic food of fish that we eat on Rosh Hashana we have an array of smoked salmons. And of course you need your lox and bagels for Yom Kippur break the fast! No Jewish holiday meal would be complete without the brisket.  From Pulled Beef Brisket to Rib Steak, from kosher beef or veal bacon or facon to sausages and dried meats like beef jerky or salalmis, meat is the mainstay of the holiday meals. And even though we don't associate cheese with the Rosh Hashana holiday, with gourmet kosher cheeses like these, it's the perfect gift anytime.

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5. Soups, Stews and Chili Mixes

With so many meals to prepare this is a hostess's dream. Healthy and flavorful these easy to prepare soups and side dishes offer a tasty break from meal preparation that will be filling and nourishing for the family.

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From the Crafted Kosher Family to yours we wish you a happy and healthy sweet new year!

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