Wasabi Seared Tuna



Wasabi Seared Tuna
By Chef Sara
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This dish takes those Asian flavors we know and love and gives a WOW! factor to a simple beautiful piece of tuna. You can serve it as an appetizer or a main dish to crowd or even as a special dinner for two. 


Wasabi Pea Crusted Tuna

Yields: 2 servings 
1 lb tuna
Soy sauce or Coconut Aminos for marinating 
1 tbsp Canola oil for searing
Spicy mayo (optional for serving) 

1. Marinate the tuna in soy sauce or coconut aminos for 5-10 minutes.
2. Blend wasabi peas into a powder in the blender.
3. Pour the dust into a large plate and coat the tuna generously.
4. Heat canola oil on high heat in a sautee pan and sear tuna 1 minute per side.
5. Place in a cutting board and slice.
6. Serve with spicy mayo or your condiment of choice.

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