Natural Sins Baked Crispy Chips

Product Description

Natural Sins is a Costa Rican fruit and veggie chip company giving the king of snacks, the potato chip, a serious run for its money. Each delicious variety contains only two ingredients!

CRISPY PINEAPPLE CHIPS are made of a whole Costa Rican pineapple, core, rind and all. It’s sliced down to the millimeter and baked low and slow, getting the perfect slice of the whole gorgeous fruit. It’s crispy, un-potato chip perfection.

CRISPY MANGO CHIPS are a Costa Rica grown mango, sliced so thin you can almost see through it, baked until it’s crispy, crunchy and, craveable. Once you try this very un-potato chip snack, we’re betting it won’t be your last.

CRISPY COCONUT CHIPS are crispy, crunchy wild coconuts from Costa Rica, hand selected, sliced and baked. As a snack or with a meal, they’re a tasty, very un-potato chip change.

CRISPY BEET CHIPS have solved the conundrum that beets are so good for you, but chips are so good tasting. These start with Costa Rica grown mountain beets, sliced nearly paper thin and baked to crispy perfection. Taste…yum…all the crunch of a potato chip without a crumb of regret.

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