Eden Foods Organic Green Tea

Product Description

Most tea begins to oxidize as soon as it is picked, but with Japanese green tea, oxidation is skillfully halted by the steaming and rubbing process. 

  • Genmaicha is made of early spring green tea leaves, organic sencha, with roasted organic short grain brown rice. The combination of flavors and aromas really sparkles.
  • Hojicha is made if early summer, hand picked, organic green tea leaves slowly gas fire roasted imparting character and flavor reminiscent of English tea.
  • Hojicha Chai is made with roasted summer green tea leaves. With a rich, smoky, deep flavor, it is delicious plain, with a whitener or with hot apple juice or cider.
  • Sencha is made from hand picked first spring tea leaves steamed and twice rubbed to capture its cherished green, aroma, flavor, and antioxidant catechins. 
  • Sencha Ginger is hand picked, early spring green tea leaves with organic Tanzanian ginger root. Delightful piquant and aroma. Soothes, warms, and brightens.
  • Sencha Mint is made of green tea leaves with two classic herbals, Egyptian organic spearmint and organic peppermint. A calming tea with pleasant aroma and refreshing cool taste.
  • Sencha Rose is green tea leaves with organic Bulgarian rose hips and Moroccan organic rose petals. A superb green tea with a sweetness of rose petal and rose hips. Refreshing, relaxing, and uplifting with delicate floral notes.

Every part of an Eden tea bag reflects the highest care, from its oxygen washed manila fibers, to its crimped seal and 100 percent cotton string. No whiteners or plastics are used, and they contain no added flavorings or dyes, and are not processed using any additives whatsoever.

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