Kosher Kohana Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Product Description

Kohana Cold Brew coffee concentrate is shelf stable - meaning, you don't have to refrigerate it until after opening and it is good for up to 1 year. It’s the highly anticipated, new patented technology with the same coffee you have come to love. For an iced drink, we recommend filling a glass with ice and mixing 1/3 concentrate with 2/3 milk or water, depending on your taste preferences. It can be mixed in a myriad of ways as an ingredient (with ice cream, shakes, smoothies, dessert sauce, as a marinade and mixed with spirits) acting as a coffee shop in a bottle

For the decaf coffee concentrate alternative, Kohana has carefully chosen a full flavored, beautiful bodied, decaffeinated bean that is craft roasted to perfection. 100% natural, no added preservatives or artificial anything.

For a flavored coffee alternative, Kohana starts with a carefully roasted, medium bodied Central American coffee and adds natural vanilla and hazelnut essence. This lovely, sweet and smooth flavored coffee concentrate is perfect for a midafternoon treat or after dinner delight.

The French Roast is a beautiful high altitude coffee, carefully darker roasted for a rich, full bodied flavor with a smooth finish. Designed to give the discerning coffee drinker a convenient alternative for a high end iced coffee or hot coffee drink.

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