Kosher Eden Foods Organic Herbal Tea

Product Description

The enjoyment of the chamomile herb dates back to ancient Egyptians. Its beautiful golden center surrounded by white ray-like petals are said to have reminded them of the sun and its rays. Eden Chamomile Herb Tea is organically grown on a small family farm in northern Egypt, is hand harvested as soon as the blossoms appear and is sun dried in the traditional manner used in Egypt for thousands of years.

Eden Chamomile was carefully selected for its superior quality and sweet floral notes that are reminiscent of apple. It produces a beautiful, golden cup of tea with calming and soothing properties that are beneficial to digestive and nervous system health. It is delicious and enjoyable anytime of day, and appropriate for all age groups since it is completely caffeine free.

The flavor of any tea reflects the soil it is grown in, the season picked, and the curing process. Eden Organic Chamomile Herb Tea is nurtured according to strict organic standards. The grower is dedicated the stewardship of the land, water, and plants. This dedication shows in their skillful traditional handling that gives us the best organic tea in the world.
Every part of an Eden tea bag reflects the highest care, from its oxygen washed manila fibers, to its crimped seal and 100 percent cotton string. No whiteners or plastics used.

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