Kosher Eden Foods Kukicha Twig Tea

Product Description

Eden Organic Kukicha Tea is crafted from four different clippings of the tea bush (Camellia sinensi) and has a distinctive smoky flavor and aroma. It is very popular among macrobiotic and natural food aficionados.

Also known as 'twig tea', Kukicha is the lowest in caffeine of the traditional teas. Eden Organic Kukicha Tea contains 90 percent less caffeine than regular brewed coffee. It is soothing and balancing with a rich flavor and is an ideal meal's end serving.

Every part of an Eden tea bag reflects the highest care, from its oxygen washed manila fibers, to its crimped seal and 100 percent cotton string. No whiteners or plastics used.

Kukicha's natural tannins aid in digestion of grains, and gives it the peculiar ability to neutralize both acids and alkalines in food we consume. Due to its particularly low levels of caffeine, Kukicha is considered to be an ideal beverage for both children and adults. Kukicha blends well with apple juice. Simply mix half kukicha and half apple juice for a perfect beverage for children. Kukicha is one of the most popular teas sold in natural food stores.

Eden Organic Kukicha Tea is produced in the ancient traditional manner as it has been for centuries. Eden Traditional Teas contain no added flavorings, dyes, or additives whatsoever during processing.

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