Kosher Savannah Bee Everyday Honey Tower Gift Set with Pump

Product Description


This gift will turn an ordinary day into and extraordinary day! This fabulous set includes all three of Savannah Bee's Everyday Honeys. These great honeys are specially chosen to make your everyday activities absolutely fantastic, and come with a perfect pump for sticky-free dispensing.

Tea Honey is bright and light, designed to sweeten without overpowering the delicate notes of your favorite tea or coffee.

The Cheese Honey is made for food! Enjoy it with cheese, fruit, crackers and wine. It is a fine addition to every meal.

The famous Grill Honey is made for basting! Slather it on salmon, chicken or veggie kabobs. This honey's rich flavor is a perfect addition to your backyard party and is sure to put you in the grilling hall of fame!

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size- 1 Tbsp.
Amount per Serving
Calories- 45
Total Fat- 0g
Sodium- 0mg
Total Carb- 12g
Sugars- 12g
Protein- 0g

Other Facts:
Gluten Free

  • KSA
  • Gluten free
$ 34.99

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