Product Description

Ok, we admit it, the title is not the greatest, but that is what happens when you are working for 21 hours straight and didn't sleep for 36. The good news is that we used up the corny"ness" for the title, since this small, yet powerful Mishloach Manos will "WOW" your recipient. 

Forget about the artistically laid out presentation for a moment, this Purim basket is all about fish. Mazel Adar, Mazel Dag was not the impetus for its creation, but we can always pretend that it was. 

Explore the sensational Salmon Jerky and Salmon Jerky Strips - it is a treat that most have yet to experience. Portlock has come out with a gift box fresh salmon which flies off the shelves(sorry, we thought you would hate a pun about it swimming off the shelves...). This is all topped off with's very own Fisherman's Stew which has drawn widespread raves. 

This is the gift that will keep giving.

$ 37.00

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