Kosher Savannah Bee Artisanal Tower Gift Set with Pump

Product Description


This jewel-toned trio is truly a gem. 12 oz jars of Lavender Honey, Rosemary Honey, and Acacia Honey are beautifully displayed in a collection case, and come with a drip free pump for perfect drizzling.

Acacia Honey’s light butter and vanilla smoothness and pale color make it ideal as a sweetener for mild teas or as a sugar substitute for baking.

Lavender Honey is perfect for adding a floral element to yogurt, fresh fruit, or baked goods.

Rosemary Honey is magnificent as an herbaceous and robust addition to marinades for veggies and meat alike. The distinctive mineral tones will enhance every savory dish

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size- 1 Tbsp.
Amount per Serving
Calories- 45
Total Fat- 0g
Sodium- 0mg
Total Carb- 12g
Sugars- 12g
Protein- 0g

Other Facts:
Gluten Free

  • KSA
  • Gluten free
$ 49.99

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