Kosher Club Canned Chunk White Chicken in Water

Product Description

Kosher Club Inc. is bringing you the first ever kosher canned meat with delicious & nutritious Kosher Club Canned Chicken. This premium canned white chicken can be enjoyed with all of your kosher recipes!


• First Ever Kosher Canned Meat
• No Preservatives, MSG or Artificial Flavors
• 0g Trans Fat
• USDA Approved
• Great Source Of Lean Protein

Kosher Club Canned Chicken is an incredibly healthy cooking option & can be enjoyed with a clean conscience. Our chicken is kosher, gluten free, contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or MSG. Our canned chicken is a perfect option for anyone on a high protein diet or could use a lean & healthy energy boost as it contains 26% of your daily protein requirement.

The uses for kosher canned chicken are endless. It makes the perfect addition to soups, salads, sandwiches, casseroles, pot pies, jambalayas, sauces, pasta dishes and more! Our canned chicken is the best choice for busy parents & families because it is free from harmful ingredients, 100% pure and kosher and is already cooked & ready to eat. No need to do any additional cooking. Simply add the pre-cooked chicken to the recipe of your choice to give it an added boost of flavor & protein. It also has a long shelf life, making it a kitchen staple you can reach for to prepare a quick, emergency meal when you don't have time to do a great deal of prep work. Our canned chicken makes an excellent, on the go meal option for those who are short on time and want a quick & healthy lunch or snack option.

Kosher Club Canned Chicken accommodates your specific dietary needs without sacrificing convenience and big flavor. Try some today!


Under the Hashgacha of TARTIKOV, Rabbi Yechiel Babad

  • OU
  • Meat
$ 6.49

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