Aromasong Dead Sea Gourmet Salt, The Daily Grind

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Great cooking is all about maximizing flavor and savoring the pleasure of serving good food and enjoying time with family and friends. Add creative zest on every dish that you will serve with this Aromasong Gourmet Salt, The Daily Grind all-around gourmet salts: Sparkling Diamond Salt, Reduced Sodium Sparkling Diamond Salt, 5-Peppercorn Medley, Aromatic Onions, Everyday Seasoning, Garlicky Lemon Pepper, and Roasted Garlic.

The Sparkling Diamond Salts are pure Dead Sea salt crystals for all-around use. Enjoy the warmth of 4 peppercorns & complex all-spice partnered with pure salt crystals on the 5-Peppercorn Medley. Experience the full spectrum of onion flavor and aroma with the delectable blend of 4 onion varieties on Aromatic Onions. Everyday Seasoning is a seasoned coarse salt for both kitchen and tabletop. Garlicky Lemon Pepper is a classic combination of peppercorn heat & lemony tartness with a pungent finish. Roasted Garlic is a fragrant minced garlic blended with the deeper flavor of caramelized garlic.

Just a few grinds or a liberal sprinkle of these salt blends will deepen the flavors of both savory and sweet recipes - really anything that comes from your kitchen. gourmet salts are packaged in a refillable, high quality glass jar with adjustable grinder so they will look good on your cupboard on your table.

These Dead Sea salts are also good for your health since they naturally provide essential minerals not found in table salt including magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Certified Kosher by the OU.

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