Kosher Eden Foods Organic Gomasio (Sesame Salt)

Product Description

Goma means sesame and shio means salt. EDEN Gomasio is low sodium sesame salt, a condiment of organic roasted sesame seed and EDEN Sea Salt.

Delicious Black and Tan organic sesame salt is a mix of dry roasted sesame seed ground and EDEN sea salt.

Black Gomasio is whole, dry roasted, ground, organic black sesame seed and EDEN sea salt.

Garlic Gomasio is organic tan, dry roasted, sesame seed ground with EDEN Sea Salt and organic garlic powder.

Eastern cultures do not put straight salt on food. They use condiments like gomasio to better balance and enhance. Sesame's oil is released by roasting, coats the salt and amplifies it for more taste from less salt.

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