King Arthur Cocoa

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King Arthur Cocoa is the best addition to any recipe calling for cocoa. 

Bensdorp Process: Imported from Holland, it has a mahogany red color, with a rich, full flavor; a classic European-style unsweetened cocoa powder. Bensdorp full-fat (22%-24%) cocoa is a food-lover's dream come true.
Bensdorp cocoa is "Dutch-processed" to lower its acidity. The result? Rich flavor that shines through, and darker, more "chocolate-y" color in baked treats. 1-pound bag.

Since this is a full-fat cocoa, it's best to whisk it through a strainer before adding to your recipe to get rid of lumps.

Black Cocoa: Super-dark Dutch-process cocoa; use sparingly for an intense, dark color and unsweetened-chocolate highlights. This rich cocoa will make the darkest chocolate cake or cookies you've ever seen.
Note: For best results, use black cocoa in combination with Dutch-process cocoa.

Double Dutch Dark: A rich, dark blend of Dutch-process and black cocoas with complex superior flavor and color. For intense chocolate flavor in your brownies, cakes, or cookies, it's the ingredient we reach for first. And at just 10% fat, it's lower in calories and fat than solid chocolate.

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