Kosher FiberGourmet Light Fettuccine

Product Description

FiberGourmet is a food technology company dedicated to creating reduced-calorie, high-fiber products that taste good and are good for you. The unique FiberGourmet technology is used in pasta, crackers and cakes, which taste the same as conventional versions but have 10 times more fiber. Because they use calorie-free insoluble fiber, the products have literally half the calories of comparable products.

Food Industry Technology (FIT) produces specialty ingredients to serve the ever-changing needs of the food industry. In 1987, it developed and patented the first high-bloom kosher fish gelatin as a replacement for standard gelatin. Today it is the largest supplier of kosher gelatin in North America, as well as a major supplier of non-kosher specialty gelatins.

After years of research and thousands of experiments, FiberGourmet was spun off by FIT to offer a line of great-tasting, high-fiber, reduced-calorie foods.

  • Chof-K
$ 7.49

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