Welcome to Crafted Kosher!

My name is Dovid Paige, and my passion is finding exciting new kosher foods and bringing them to your doorstep.

Crafted Kosher is an online kosher boutique, filled with exotic kosher products that I’ve culled from across the globe. Whether you’re a fellow foodie looking for unique ideas, a regular Joe looking for a treat for a special occasion, or a devoted friend or coworker searching for the perfect gift to impress a kosher-keeping recipient, you’ve come to the right place. Our products are sometimes trendy, sometimes unusual, and always fun and delicious. Not only that, but every single one is also certified by the most reliable kosher agencies in the world. So just how did Crafted Kosher get started? I’ll tell you the story… 

The Beginning:

I was one of those kids – you know them. Following my mom around the kitchen, watching her putter from oven to fridge and back again. Gazing, mesmerized, as she would arrange magnificent fruit platters for a neighbor’s engagement party or a relative’s bar mitzvah. Watching the pleasure that it gave her to see others enjoying her culinary creations.

The Childhood:

By the time I was fourteen, I was following her legacy, cooking cholent for my friends to enjoy every Friday night. Like my mom, I loved experimenting with different spices and sauces and watching my friends scraping the bottom of the pot in a desperate attempt to reach the last morsels of cholent. I was in my element.


The Realization:

And then came my introduction to reality. One Thursday evening, my mother confronted me. Apparently the food I’d been relocating from her kitchen into my cholent pot wasn’t actually free. Turns out that I’d have to find some way to fund my cholent venture if I didn’t want it to die an untimely death.
The next week, I hung a sign up on the door of my dorm room: “Cholent -- $1.25 a bowl. Please sign up here!” By the next day, all ten available cholent slots were reserved. In time, I saved enough money to invest in a second cholent pot, and the rest was history. .

And It Continues...
To this day, I still possess my mother’s love of sharing food – especially foods that are unique or exotic. I love finding them, experimenting with them, sharing them with others, and choosing the perfect ones for a holiday table or neighborhood barbeque. There’s something about experimenting with something fun and gourmet that I haven’t tried before, something about the delight and surprise on others’ faces when they taste something entirely new that I’ve created, whether it’s a new steak marinade or my latest twist on traditional schnitzel.

So What Is Crafted Kosher?

Ever since then, I’ve had a vision of being able to share my exciting kosher food findings with the world. As owner of Crafted Kosher, I’ve put together a specially curated collection of over a thousand unique kosher products. I’ve searched and traveled to find the most exciting flavors and experiences in the kosher market today, and I’m eager to share them all with you. Along with me, you can discover new culinary ideas that you haven’t seen before. I’m excited to introduce you to this whirlwind adventure called Crafted Kosher.Come join me on this wonderful culinary journey to find new tastes and gastronomic experiences, and impress your friends and relatives with your adventurous palate.I’m constantly adding to the collection, and I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting foods. I can’t wait to share them with you!