What is Kosher Certification?

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more to kosher food than bagels and deli. Even the most gourmet or exotic foods – from truffle oil to chipotle hot sauce – can often be certified as kosher. Here at Crafted Kosher, we make sure that all of our products carry the highest standards of kosher certification.


Let’s dispel a couple of kosher myths here

No, “kosher” does not mean that the product has been blessed by a Rabbi. And no, you cannot tell if a packaged item is kosher by simply scanning through the list of ingredients. A kosher-certified food is a food that has been carefully screened to ensure that it meets detailed kosher specifications throughout the entire production process. But what could be non-kosher in a pack of organic bubble gum or a jar of jam? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Many packaged products today contain coloring agents, preservatives, and other additives that can actually come from non-kosher sources.
Take a look at a couple of examples:
  • The red food dye carmine is derived from the crushed carcass of a cochineal beetle.
  • The additive castoreum, which is used in many gourmet vanilla or berry-flavored products, is secreted from sacs near a beaver’s pelvis.
  • The additive civet absolute, which can be used to give candies a caramel or rum flavor, is actually scraped from the anus of an African civet cat.
While carmine and civet absolute are usually listed on a product’s label, castoreum and other additives may be listed as only “natural flavorings.” Kosher certification ensures that these and similar ingredients are not used in any phase of the production process. Kosher certification agencies each have their own registered symbol that can only be used on a product’s packaging if the product has specifically met the agency’s approval. Agencies send representatives to factories in order to confirm that all kosher requirements have been met. At Crafted Kosher, we sell only foods that have been certified by agencies that demand the highest quality from manufacturers. So when it comes to buying high-quality, kosher gourmet products, you can trust Crafted Kosher to do the legwork to make sure that you’re getting the highest standards possible. Here are some of the Kashrus organization that our products are certified through.

For more information on some of the kosher certifications we feature, click on the symbols below.