Aromasong Dead Sea Gourmet Salt - Flavor Boosters

Product Description

Aromasong brings you a select collection of unique culinary salts, opening the promise for experimentation and playfulness in the kitchen and at the table. The Gourmet Salt Flavor Boosters features unique, easy, and accessible herb and spice blends: Dilly Garlic, Forest ‘Shrooms, Garlic Milano, Golden Roasting Blend, Sunny Rosemary Lemon, and Zesty Citrus Twist.

Dilly Garlic is a light, fresh grind of dill and garlic, which you can try on a fresh cucumber. Forest ‘Shrooms is an earthy combination of dried wild mushrooms and sweet basil for meat and game. Garlic Milano is a traditional Italian final touch of garlic, lemon and parsley that adds zip to slow-cooked foods. Golden Roasting Blend is a fragrant woodsy herb blend which magnifies the flavor of any dish from vegetables to poultry. Sunny Rosemary Lemon is the brightness of lemon teamed up with piney rosemary and pungent garlic. Zesty Citrus Twist is a zesty blend of orchard lemon and orange with a vigorous burst of black pepper.

These flavor boosters will open you up in a world of new tastes and textures, transforming even your simplest meals into something remarkable. The gourmet salts are also healthier than table salt.

Created in the Dead Sea Region, these salts are naturally lower in sodium and provide essential minerals not found in table salt including magnesium, potassium and calcium.

They are OU Kosher Certified and are manufactured in an allergen-free SQF, GMP and HACCP Certified facility. This set of all-natural culinary salts is a must-try and a must-have in your pantry!

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