Aromasong Dead Sea Gourmet Salt, Smoke & Flames

Product Description

Let Aromasong open a world of exploring new tastes and textures, transforming even the simplest foods into something remarkable. Gourmet Salt Smoke & Flames consists of these flavored Dead Sea Salts: Fiery Dragon, Smoked Maple Heat, Country Honey BBQ, Sizzling Grill Blend, Smokehouse Chiles, and Spicy Delta Cajun.

Fiery Dragon is a lively combination of 5 exotic chile peppers to excite your taste buds. Smoked Maple Heat is a coarse salt spiked with pure maple granules and hot smoked chiles. Country Honey BBQ is grill-ready with red-hot crushed chiles tempered with honey granules and toasted cumin. Smokehouse Chiles are pure salt crystals with Spanish wood-smoked paprika and ripe chipotle chile. Sizzling Grill Blend is slightly sweet with whole fennel seeds and peppercorns with a burst of flaked hot chiles. Spicy Delta Cajun is a combination of pungent smoky chiles, peppercorns and classic herbs for a blackened meat or fish rub.

These Aromasong Gourmet Dead Sea salts reinforce your personal touch, adding creative zest to every dish. This unique collection of gourmet salts will open the promise for experimentation and playfulness in the kitchen and at the table. So, grab one now!

Certified kosher by the OU.

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$ 4.99

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