Kosher Eden Foods Organic Mustard

Product Description

Eden Mustard will change your expectations forever. If you only eat mass produced mustards, you owe it to yourself to try organic, properly made mustard.

Eden Yellow Mustard is mustard as it's supposed to be. The difference is whole yellow organic mustard seed traditionally stone milled with raw organic EDEN apple cider vinegar, EDEN sea salt, and 100% organic spices. Wonderful mustard flavor. Naturally sweet. Aged to meld and mellow.

Eden Brown Mustard is pure, full flavor brown mustard, made with just the following three finest quality ingredients: Canadian whole brown organic mustard seed traditionally stone ground, Organic EDEN raw apple cider vinegar with 'mother' (friendly bacteria present only in the finest and most healthful non-pasteurized raw vinegar), and EDEN sea salt. 

It has a full flavor, pleasant zing with a hint of sweetness. Guaranteed to please with sparkling character.

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$ 4.79

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