Kosher Health Garden Monk Sweetener

Product Description

Health Gardens Sweeteners are a great alternative to the unnatural sweeteners of yesteryear.

Stevia is made by steeping stevia leaves in boiling water to produce pure, sweet Rebiana. Next, a dash of Erythritol is added. This naturally sweet ingredient is found in many fruits and vegetables and blends harmoniously with Rebiana to produce a potent sweetness; the energetic palate-pleasing flavor will wow you from the first spoonful. This calorie-free, low-glycemic blend is a perfect sugar substitute for everyone, including diabetics and allergy sufferers.

Monk Fruit is naturally sweet and has been used by the ancient Chinese for medicinal purposes as well as a sweetener, for centuries. Monk Sugar is loaded with antioxidants and has been known to be beneficial against diabetes and a host of other ailments. Its no-calorie, non-glycemic content makes it safe for diabetics, allergy sufferers and those on weight loss regimens.

The Golden version of this naturally sweet product contains pure Monk Fruit Sugar and natural Erythritol without any artificial additives or fillers; just the intense, sweet taste as nature intended. This product can be used in place of Brown Sugar in many recipes.

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