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Chile ancho, is the dried form of the chile poblano. Used whole, it is stuffed for chile relleno. Ground into powder, it is used as a condiment.

Chile de Arbol is ground into powder for chile sauces. They are delicious roasted until crisp. Crumble them into a blender for blending them with other ingredients. Add individual pods to soups and stews. Use in table salsas, flavored oils, and vinegars.

Chile Pasilla Negro is the dried chile chilaca. It is used in tamales, quesadillas, thick sauces and moles, and as a garnish for tortilla soup. Has a 'rich but sharp flavor.' It may be fried or roasted.

California chile, the mildest form of the New Mexican chile, is usually used for chile rellenos, in salsas and in casseroles. They may also be crushed, seeds and all, to form Mexican style chile powder.

The New Mexico chile is great for stuffing, usually roasted and peeled. It is perfect for all recipes in which you would use the California chile but want a little more pep.

Thai Chiles are a type of cayenne chile. Also called Santaka, Japanese, Japones, Szechuan, Hunan, Green Chile or Red Chile, they are used in all manner of dishes including sauces, and oils for stir fry. It is normal for a package of quality Thai chiles to have many broken pods, but they should always be bright red, flexible and with a rich aroma.

A Chile Chipotle is a smoked Chile Jalapeno with a distinct smoky aroma and a sweet flavor. Chipotle means literally "smoked chile." Use them to flavor soups, sauces, salsas and pastas. They are great in meat dishes or pickled in vinegar with herbs and seasonings. Serve pickled chipotles as a condiment, sprinkled with Mexican oregano and a little olive oil.

The Habañero is long associated with Caribbean-style barbecue. It is a major ingredient in jerk sauces, in which it is combined with allspice and other spices, and then pounded into the meat before grilling.

Use these hot chile flakes in Mexican, Indian and Thai dishes. Include them in pizza toppings. Sprinkle them over pasta.

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