India Tree Specialty & Coffee Sugars

Product Description

Turbinado style sugar has a natural golden color and old fashioned flavor. To its richness we have added one-third of a fine Bourbon vanilla bean. Use India Tree Vanilla Sugar in coffee or on cereal. Add it to custards and whipping cream.

Use India Tree Cinnamon Sugar, a favorite with children and adults alike, in coffee and chocolate, and on top of espresso drinks. Sprinkle it on waffles and toast. Use it in cinnamon rolls and in toppings and fillings for desserts.

Maple Sugar is taste treat from another era. For generations, pure Vermont maple sugar has been prized for its golden color and rich, nut-like flavor. Use it on cereal, to flavor custards and whipping cream, sprinkled on waffles and toast, in toppings and fillings for desserts, or as a flavoring in coffee and chocolate drinks.

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