Kosher India Tree Seeds

Product Description

India Tree Brazilian Sea Salt is made from sea water captured in ponds and allowed to evaporate naturally by means of sun and wind.
It is especially clean because it is collected within an ecosystem that provides natural filtration and purification. It is perfect for your salt mill. Use it as an all-purpose cooking and table salt, or for salt-crust baking.

India Tree Murray River Salt is from the basin of Australia's largest river, which originates in Australia's snowy Alps. In the basin, low rainfall and high evaporation have combined to concentrate salt in the soil and in the ground water. Murray River Salt is colorful, light, delicate, and crunchy, making it ideal as a finishing salt. Served in individual salt dishes, it will be the talk of the dinner party.

India Tree Red Hawaiian Sea Salt is a traditional mix of Pacific Ocean sea salt and Hawaiian red clay, called alaea. The clay adds iron oxide which gives this salt its distinctive color and taste. Red Hawaiian Sea Salt is especially suited for grilling or roasting meat. Use it in rubs for chicken. Try it with tomatoes in salads, sauces, and soups

India Tree Fleur de Sel de Guerande is harvested in Guerande, Brittany, using traditional Celtic methods in accordance with the strict ecological rules of France's Nature & Progrès certification program. It is prized above all other salts for its delicate, sweet flavor, moist texture, and fluffy, white crystals resembling newly fallen snow. Use it as a finishing salt, sprinkled over a dish just before serving. It makes an especially elegant table salt when served in individual salt dishes at each place setting.

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