Kosher La Tourangelle Organic Sunflower Oil

Product Description

La Tourangelle Organic Sunflower Oil comes from expeller-pressed GMO-free organic sunflower seeds, grown and processed without the use of any pesticide or chemicals.

Not only a beautiful flower, sunflower also yields a versatile oil with a high level of oleic fatty acids, making it perfect for high temperature cooking. In short it is the perfect wonderful everyday organic cooking oil.
Temperature suitable for medium-high to high heat.: Perfect for stir-frying, frying, sautéing, baking or blending into a dressing/sauce. Smoke point 450¼F.

Health benefits:
Sunflower oil is a healthy oil to use with its low saturated fat content and its high content of oleic fatty acids. Since it is organic you know that you will not be ingesting any chemicals and that the seeds used to make the oil are GMO-Free.

Production process:
La Tourangelle organic sunflower oil is expeller pressed and fully deodorized in accordance with the most stringent organic regulation. Processed in Europe it is a clean wonderful everyday cooking oil.

  • Star-K
  • Gluten free
$ 6.99

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