Lake Champlain Organic Dark Chocolate Lovers Bars

Product Description

Indulge your love of the dark with this Lake Champlain Chocolates Organic Mild Dark Chocolate Bars with each of these delicious flavors: Dark 57% Cocoa, Spicy Aztec, and Dark Toffee & Almonds 3-oz chocolate bars.  

Dark 57% Cocoa chocolate bar gives you a delicious experience for your senses, from first sight to last bite. Spicy Aztec chocolate bar has the exciting flavors of ancient Mexico. It is blended from semisweet dark chocolate, crunchy pumpkin seeds, hot cayenne pepper, and fragrant cinnamon - an adventure for the palate in every sweet and spicy bite. Dark Toffee & Almonds chocolate bar is made from a crunch of roasted almonds to a chew of buttery toffee, and a crackle of mouthwatering sea salt, suspended in a bar of semisweet 57% dark chocolate.

Fair trade certified and 100% organic, these chocolates will give you an indulgence that you can feel good about sharing (or keeping all to yourself).

So peel away the paper and release the fresh chocolate aroma. Feel the satisfying snap as you break off a square in your hand. Then taste . . . and let the luxurious melt begin. Every bite of this semisweet organic bar delivers total dark chocolate delight!

Certified Kosher(Dairy) under the Star-K of Baltimore

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$ 4.08

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