Mishloach Manos for Teachers (Pack of 5)

Product Description

Purim is here, and it can be very stressful to many parents trying to find the right Mishloach Manos for all of the people they need to give them to: Rabbeim, Rabbi’s, Family, Friends, Doctors, Employees, and of course teachers.

With some children having up to(and it can be more) 17 teachers each, it can get very expensive, very quickly. Here at Crafted Kosher we have decided to help ameliorate this issue. We are offering 5 packs of The Teacher’s Pet.

 Hand selected by one of our many in house designers, Izzy discretely asked from teachers what they would like in a Shalach Manos from their students. The first option that we heard back was either a huge meat or dairy Mishloach Manos, in order to last them throughout the year. After quickly factoring the cost in that case would come out to $13,845.27 for a family of 6, we decided to scratch that. A close distant was a selection of unique Coney Island Kettle Corn Pop Corn made with Himalayan Pink Salt, a cool box of Purim Fortune Cookies, an assortment of individually wrapped healthy Rugger Gum Balls, and last but not least, a teachers cake, which is made in that container! It even includes, sprinkles, frosting, a balloon and an eraser!

  • Star-D
  • Dairy
$ 82.49

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