More Meat Please

Product Description

As someone who is a great fan of meat, Dave, who was selected to create this basket, picked out this selection from among every type of food that we carry. As he says “You gotta go for the best.”

What used to be known to some as a “Man’s Food”, gourmet meat platters have become so mainstream that they are the 3rd most popular type of food basket being sold. Folks order this specialty basket all year round, and we suspect that many are ordering it for themselves as well.

This basket includes Joburg Dried Salami and Veal along with a Stokkie, Aufschnitt Beef Jerky’s and stick, Gourmet White Oak Mustard, Brooklyn Brine Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickles,’s own Quinoa and Corn Chilli, as well as The Good Beans world-class Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas. Enjoy all of this laid out on a wooden crate platter.

$ 64.95

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