Deluxe Jerky Gift Basket

Product Description

Meat lovers unite!


When deciding what type of baskets to come up with, we must confess. This was the one basket most of the guys wished that they would themselves receive.


This overloaded meat basket filled with 5 bags of beef jerk, beef biltong, 2 beef stokies, 4 beef sticks, all headlined by an absolutely mouthwatering dried salami just raised the bar. If that wasn’t enough, because obviously it isn't, we have added a large crunchy bag of barbecue chips made with coconut oil to be extra healthy, a glass bottle of Safies Sweet & Hot Bread & Butter Pickles along with a glass jar of Safies Hot Banana Peppers.


There is an assortment of great snacks and we've thrown in some great meat rub too. You can't go wrong with this gift! In case of an out of stock product, it will be exchanged for another product.



  • Star-K
  • Meat
$ 93.49

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