South African Adventures Gift Basket

Product Description

As a tag line, "Want to Get Away", always appealed to Chaim's desire to visit new places. Growing up though, he never was actually able to get away, so he asked us to make a South African Adventure Mishloach Manos to help compensate for his lacking. Well, it was quite easy to do so, being that we carry a Joburg line of products.

The South African Adventure includes many delicacies which pull you into the South African environment. Packed with 2 bags of meaty Beef Biltong, along with 2 of their mouthwatering Stokkies, you are in for a real treat. But wait! There is more! Sitting smack in middle of the basket is Joburg's one of a kind Dried Gourmet Beef and Veal Salami.

Sure we added in some extra's like a Jacksons Honest Barbecue Chips made with coconut oil, but check out the Roland Cornichons Gherkins, Kozlowski Farm Dijon Honey Mustard, and Sable & Rasenfeld  Tipsy Fiery Olives. They each have their own set of diehard fans, care to join?


  • Star-K
  • Meat
$ 82.49

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