Meat Lover Mishloach Manos

Product Description

The name you know, in stores all across the US, and available here! This Aufschnitt package is sure to get you friends talking when they receive it and take their first taste. Yes, we included a bag of chips, because why not, but, see what else is inside!

Highlighted by the absolutely delicious NEW TO MARKET Aufschnitt carefully dried salami(and trust us, it is delicious! Our basket making crew mistakenly opened one up….obviously everyone and had to eat it), 2 types of their signature beef jerky, as well as 2 types of Aufschnitt mouthwatering beef sticks.

We all know that some people like to add things to their meal - and according to the poll hosted by meat eaters anonymous, the 3 main things that people enjoyed were mustard, pickles, and olives. We couldn’t just give you plain old mustard, so check out the Roland Cornichons Gherkins, Kozlowski Farm Dijon Honey Mustard, and Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Fiery Olives.


  • Star-K
  • Meat
$ 64.49

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