Kosher Savannah Bee Raw Acacia Honeycomb

Product Description

Savannah Bee's new Acacia honeycombs are beautiful and made of one of the most sought after honey varieties in the world. Acacia honey sits at the pinnacle of the honey world and is well-loved for its nearly water-white/gold color, mild taste, the incredible clarity and the slow rate of crystallization. To be able to get this honey in honeycomb form is simply incredible. They come in three sizes.

Jars are a top-selling honey product being brought back after five years. This time, it is an Acacia honeycomb, suspended in a hexagonal jar, with acacia honey. The honeycomb jars were always a best-selling product and these beautiful new jars have a clear label showing off the natural splendor of the white honeycomb floating in the light Acacia honey. You won’t see this kind of quality anywhere else but right from Savannah Bee.

Looking for a gift or trying Raw Acacia Honeycomb for the first time? Try the Acacia Honeycomb Square or Mini. Its 7 or 15 oz. of pure delicious, raw Acacia Honeycomb.

  • KSA
  • Gluten free
$ 12.49

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