Kosher Savannah Bee Regional Savannah Honey

Product Description


Honey is like a fine wine that is created from flowers instead of grapes.  Their Regional Honey line redefines honey like only Savannah Bee can. For each Regional Honey, each 100% pure honey is based on the sweetness, texture and flavor profile that suits its intended use. The label on each member of the Regional family indicates the location of its origin.

They take pride in their honeys' flavor and purity, so they don't process, over-filter, or add anything at all. These artisanal honeys are beautiful gifts for any sweet occasion, as well as a delicious and nutritious treat for any pantry.


The Palmetto Honey represents the great state of South Carolina. This rich golden honey is sweet and smooth with  subtle smoky notes. Palmetto Honey is the perfect sweetener for the South's signature drink, Sweet Tea.


  • KSA
  • Gluten free
$ 5.29

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