Kosher Savannah Bee Whipped Original Honey

Product Description


Savannah Bee spins together honey from the wildflower fields of the Rocky Mountains, forming a crystallized honey that is creamy, smooth, spreadable, and absolutely delicious. This exquisite honey is the ideal complement to warm scones, hot morning coffee, or fresh fruit. This incredible whipped honey will enhance every recipe that calls for honey. Savannah Bee Whipped Honey Original is a natural mood lifter with its sweet clean taste that will melt in your mouth. Celebrate your health and happiness with this delicious honey treat. Spread the love! The ingredients in the whipped honey collection are all natural, so expect variation in this product. On warmer days, when separation occurs, eat layered starting with the fluffy top or give it a stir! If you like a spreadable honey, stick it in the fridge. Don’t worry, bee inspired and enjoy this delicious treat!


  • KSA
  • Gluten free
$ 6.29

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