Kosher Slawsa - The Gourmet Topping for Everything

Product Description

Cool and crisp, Slawsa is, in essence, a cabbage based-relish with a salsa twist. It begins on the palate as sweet and transfers heat undertones that make it addictive atop grilling fare such as hotdogs, burgers or brats. Bring a jar or two of Slawsa to liven up your pre-game tailgate, enjoy it with friends at your backyard barbeque or just share it with your family at the dinner table mid-week.

Slawsa Original starts a little sweet and finishes with a little heat that will quickly dissipate. The mustard and vinegar base is not overpowering yet Slawsa still retains a nice amount of crunch in every bite. You'll find Slawsa very unique from anything on the market in the most delicious way.

The Spicy version isn't overly spicy but does have a bit more kick to finish off the bite than Original.

Slawsa Fire has a big kick of habanero and is truly for those who love the heat. But no, it's not ghost pepper hot. We still want you to experience the wealth of flavor that Slawsa is.

Garlic is truly for garlic lovers as it does have a bold garlic base.

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