Sugar Plum NYC Checker Cab Caramel Crunch

Product Description

Remember Cracker Jacks®, the staple candied popcorn of childhood? The theme of many a childhood memory. The ballgames, the cheers, the bonding time with dad.

Do you have that picture in mind? 

NYC Caramel Crunch will put you back there only this time, even tastier. Chocolate and Strawberry drizzle  makes this something that you, cannot. Put. Down. 

Having trouble making friends?

Well those worries are something of the past, so long as you have a bag of NYC Checker Cab Caramel Crunch. Don't ever run out! 

Sugar Plum NYC Checker Cab Caramel Crunch comes in two flavors: Milk Chocolate and Strawberry. Both are made with the finest milk chocolate and white chocolate respectively and are hand dipped to ensure perfection in every bag. 

  • OU-Dairy
$ 3.97