Surcee Confections Caramels Collection

Product Description

A new addition to our site, we bring to you Surcee Confections; a special caramel treat, in 4 different flavors. Buy one or all, these mouthwatering soft caramels are the top selling sweet of the year.

Their origin is simple - Surcee Confections started out selling gourmet brownies, and quickly realized that they have a massive hit on their hands when their customers kept requesting to purchase the caramel which they infused in their caramel brownies. The rest is history, as Surcee confections created a full line of these treats for everyone to enjoy.

Created with the best of everything, these caramels are Kosher under the Kof-K(Dairy), All Natural, Corn Free, No Preservatives, Gluten Free, No Trans Fat, and they are GMO Free.

  • Chof-K
  • Dairy
$ 5.38

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