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Product Description

So many people give gifts, only to have them eaten or thrown out, and shortly after, forgotten. That ends with these products. The Taza gift collection packs a wallop into all those who eat, and they are instantly hooked, leaving quite the impression on them. 

There are 4 options to choose from: 

  • Amaze Bar TrioA tantalizing trio of our seriously good Amaze Bars. This ready-to-give, library-style gift box hits a perfect price point. Contains three 2.5 oz bars: Sea Salt & Almond, Coconut, and Toffee Almond & Sea Salt.
  • Chocolate Mexicano Classic Collection - 

    Six bold flavors of our satisfyingly gritty Chocolate Mexicano discs celebrate the Mexican stone ground chocolate tradition that inspired founder Alex Whitmore to create Taza Chocolate. A perfect, any-occasion gift for the serious chocolate lover.

  • Chocolate Mexicano SamplerTry every flavor of our Chocolate Mexicano discs! This colorful gift is a fun, affordable way to sample and share stone ground chocolate with true grit. Eight bright, bold flavors range from spicy to sweet to savory. Contains 8 x 1.35 oz Chocolate Mexicano Discs: Cacao Puro, Chipotle Chili, Cinnamon, Coffee, Guajillo Chili, 85% Super Dark, Salted Almond, and Vanilla.
  • Oaxacan SamplerFour traditional Oaxacan-inspired flavors of our perfectly unrefined Chocolate Mexicano discs are tucked into a unique cut-out gift box. Sample and share stone ground chocolate with true grit! Contains 4 x 1.35 oz Chocolate Mexicano Discs: Guajillo Chili, Cacao Puro, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.


$ 7.74

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