The King of All Jerkies

Product Description

When we say The King of All Jerkies - we mean it. Not being satisfied with last years Jerky Deluxe, which is still available, we upped this basket adding many more items. 

From all the Joburg Stokkies and Beef Biltong, to Aufschnitt's wide array of Beef Jerky, Beef Sticks, and new to market Turkey Jerky, this is meat, meat, and more meat. 

We surrounded it it all with Rufus Teagues Gourmet BBQ sauce, Slawsa(A hit on many shows), Safies Pickles and Banana Peppers, White Oak Organic Dijon Mustard, and of course Cahr Crust's All American BBQ rub.

This year we added The Good Beans Sweet Chili Chips  and a variety of Oloves Olives to top it all off. 

$ 129.00

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